The new banner arrived and it looks faboo! As does that shirt our spokesmodel...moi...is wearing. Never too late to order yours from HouseofHaha.com!

This weekend is Phoenix Comicon and it's going to be a great time with the release of a new volume of Thugs!, the launch of redskirtsonline.com, and this spanking new banner to show off. If you're a local and reading this, look for me at booth 8118 and 8120, teamed up with Dave Beaty, the artist for Red Skirts. He used to do work from some companies called DC or Marvel or something...small-time startups, but I guess he knows his stuff!

- Al

MUGS ARE BACK!: The House of Haha has informed me their printer is making mugs again! Which is cool because one of my favorite things right now is the Bounty Hunter mug I'm proud to own!

Got my first shirts (and coffee mug) (I must've been the last mug order) back from House of Haha (with the earlier Bounty Road design to them) and I was pretty much blown away. I can tell you to buy with confidence now...you'll get a nice looking product for your money. As if there was any doubt! :)


The latest insanity from Studio Fugazi is now available on t-shirts, tote bags, and hats from the mad, beautiful people at House of Haha!

I told you we'd have Barbrabarian shirts, and other sundry merchandise! This is the first of a couple fun designs I have planned. I'm also going to work on a logo-only design which I think will look really nice on a shirt or mug. I'm really excited about this...I mean something I created is actually going to be worn by people...actual people! :)

Click the links above to see the craziness. And sleep well in the knowledge that by buying something you're supporting not one but two small independent businesses.

- AL



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