Updated : 4/15/14
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Updated: 3/18/14

NEW STUFF!      


This'll be cleaned up and colored but beyond that nothing's getting changed. Sometimes everything just blends right together and works right off the bat. I have a few more of these "Mother tries to turn Barb into a proper little lady" strips but I'm spreading them out.

Yes, the little poem she's singing is from an ancient Nordic verse. No, you should not be using Barbrabarian as an actual reference for your book report on Norsemen, Viking, Finland, Sweden, etc. I'm playing very fast and loose with historical data here. You've been warned. :)

ITEM: No Barbrabarian strip next week. I'm taking a week off to do something "day job" related. What? You ask? You're not lighting your Cuban cigars with $100 bills from all the dough you bring in as an indie comics creator?! So I supplement my habit/vice/hobby/passion by working an actual job. Only a few people know what it is, and they can't believe it's what I do for a living.

But that's just the's what I do for a living. Making comics is what I do to truly do to live, if that makes sense. Either way, look for Barb's return two Wednesdays from today!

- Al



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