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What's this?!? A TWO-PARTER! To be Continued? Can it be?!?

Okay, it's not that big a deal, I know, but this one hit me while I was drawing something else. Don't worry about where Barb got the axe from. It's a Nerf axe so I don't think anyone's in any real danger. Least of all Barb herself.

More than anything I like how Barb's hair looks. It's been an ongoing experiment to get it exactly how I want the coloring to look, and this time? Nailed it.

Man! I don't know if it's happening to you but Christmas just really snuck up on me this year. It's next week! NEXT WEEK! I'm so not ready. Hopefully you guys are. There WILL be a new strip up next week, and the week after. Since I only crank these out once a week unless I have a really good reason there's hopefully not going to be any major interruptions as I do this.

Famous last words. :)

- Al

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- AL



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