Told you there would be a reckoning. Now here's how you'll (potentially) sound comic-book learned this weekend, thanks to this strip.

There's some movie involving the Avengers starting up in a day or two, called Age of Ultron. It's loosely based on a comic book run in Avengers - also called Age of Ultron - and there's a pivotal scene in the comic where Thor busts through a wall and says "Ultron...we would have WORDS with thee!" It's one of the big Norse guy's finest moments and usually makes Top 10 lists of great Avengers moments, so I figured why not have some fun with it here. No, Claire's not going to be wearing a helmet now...well, for one more strip but then it goes away.

So now if they use that line in the movie, you can sit back all smug in your smoking jacket, glass of Port in your hand, and say "Ahh...just like the comic!" and people will revere your amazing knowledge.

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day. Take yourself, and more importantly your young 'uns, to a comic book store and pick up some free books. I'll be at a in-store up north promoting a couple other comics I work on...but the biggest deal is that we're launching this site:

Yep. The spit and polish is done and Friday night I'll be loading up the goodies for your perusal. This has and is going to be a real labor of love for artist Dave Beaty and me, and we hope you'll join us. The guys from Thugs! are my drinking buddies, Barb is my child, the five ladies you're going to meet in Red Skirts are...well, let's just say they have stories to tell and leave it at that. Great all-ages humor, drama, action...if you were a fan of any sci-fi shows from the 60s/70s/80s let me just say "Welcome Home".

Pages go live on FCBD this Saturday. There'll be a filler comic to get you used to the place which'll run for about a month. Then, on day one of the Phoenix Comicon, the first story arc will begin! Be there at the beginning!

- Al

MUGS ARE BACK!: The House of Haha has informed me their printer is making mugs again! Which is cool because one of my favorite things right now is the Bounty Hunter mug I'm proud to own!

Got my first shirts (and coffee mug) (I must've been the last mug order) back from House of Haha (with the earlier Bounty Road design to them) and I was pretty much blown away. I can tell you to buy with confidence'll get a nice looking product for your money. As if there was any doubt! :)

The latest insanity from Studio Fugazi is now available on t-shirts, tote bags, and hats from the mad, beautiful people at House of Haha!

I told you we'd have Barbrabarian shirts, and other sundry merchandise! This is the first of a couple fun designs I have planned. I'm also going to work on a logo-only design which I think will look really nice on a shirt or mug. I'm really excited about this...I mean something I created is actually going to be worn by people...actual people! :)

Click the links above to see the craziness. And sleep well in the knowledge that by buying something you're supporting not one but two small independent businesses.

- AL



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