Updated : 8/19/14
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Updated: 5/27/14

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The saga begins to wind to a close. Yes I said "begins" - we have one more to go before the circle is complete.

I'm getting more precise on getting this strip where I want it without it taking a huge chunk of my day (because I have other projects...many of which I'll talk about soon on here!). Someone once said it's just like training a have to keep doing your reps to really get it good and toned. Working on art can be much the same thing. You keep at something long enough you're bound to pick up something positive out of it.

There's so much more to come with this comic, and I thank everyone who has been with me along the way - from the people I call friends to those of you who may have stumbled across this by accident - I appreciate every view you give me.

- AL



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