Few things as satisfying as Barb poppin' Loki in the chops.

Thanks for letting me take Turkey week off. I do all the cooking in our household and while that doesn't excuse not coming over to the computer to upload a new comic, I felt like a lot of you might be in the same boat, maybe. Either way, I hope you had a good break, or if you had to work over Black Friday, know that you had my sympathy as I did my best to stay away from you all. The wife and I *did* buy a couch, but that was almost a necessity as ours was pretty much ready to give up the ghost.

Valhalla, the story arc, is now about to end! Woohoo! So what's next? Why, the Ragnarok arc, of course. And after that?

Barb's story ends.

This is a good thing, though, and I'll write more on it next time. It won't be happening any time soon. It took me damn near the better part of a year to get through the Valhalla arc, so it's likely we'll be well into 2019-2020 before I end the Ragnarok storyline.

- AL





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