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Okay, I went back to the well twice for the same "Let It Go" joke, but it just worked too well. I won't do it next time...or WILL I!?!

If this one looks a little rough, it's because I threw it together while working my table at the Gilbert Arizona LibraryCon. Imagine a convention where you don't actually sell anything and you're just there to be seen, talk comics, and have a good time. Believe it or not, it was perhaps the most relaxed I've been at a convention and part of that was the pressure of having to worry about finances completely disappeared. I'd do it again. Next year I'll try and encourage some other people to join me. Assuming they have me back, that is...

One more Halloween strip and then this arc is officially closed for the season. I'm sure I'll do something for Christmas. Not so sure about Thanksgiving yet or not. Kind of taking this as it comes. I really need to build back my buffer o' strips, as I've fallen behind and I'm committed to no lag-time.

Either way, Barb should be thankful Henry Miller doesn't have a smartphone on him. Personally, I think she makes a cute Elsa.

- Al

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- AL



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