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So here's the bold experiment.

When I started this strip, I thought it would be fun to put them up in rough and raw format as time permitted. If you're like me, it's as much fun to watch the process an artist goes through creating something as it is seeing the final product. But there's something to be said for putting up the final format as well.

It's taken me a while to build up speed on penciling and inking a single strip, but now I have it down to a science. The real time suck is coloring them. I think the strip needs it, I just need to develop...speed is a bad word...precision and consistency. That only comes from doing it. And for me it only comes from doing it with a deadline. The more I work on coloring the strip, the more consistent and precise I'll become, and my worktime should decrease (or in most cases allow me to double my output!).

I can't promise every strip will be posted in final format like this, but from here on out that's the goal. This is also the beginning of Barb's first real "story arc" which will run through August if I've timed it out right. It's based on a true story - my wife referred to the people who leave those flyers and business cards on your door as the "Crap fairies". I asked around and generally people felt "crap" was still a bad word (although Barb says it in an earlier strip) so I changed it to "Junk fairies". I may change it back for the book. Junk fairies is funny, but it just doesn't have the same ring as "Crap fairies". Always willing to hear opinions.

- Al

PS: If you have a Kindle device or app, you can buy/read a short poem/illustrated book I created with my wife - The Queen of Halloween - on It'll set you back a whopping $3, but if you love Halloween as much as we do around my house, I think you'll really enjoy it.


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