Drama! Excitement! Intrigue! Wait...what's all that doing in *my* comic?!?

The original idea for Helmet was to have her story run as a "side comic", done in more traditional comic style, to the collected webcomic. It involved an origin story, a whole new cast of characters...all kinds of craziness. Then I started working on Red Skirts. Then I started getting pro work. Then I started realizing I had other stories I wanted to tell and different mediums I wanted to try. The project, as they say in the jargon, was "scrapped".

But that doesn't mean we won't be telling Helmet's'll see it in the coming weeks. Speaking of which...

There *may* or *may not* be a new strip up next week. I've got it ready to go but I'll be on vacation next week (some small-time convention is happening in San Diego. Doubt you've heard of it...) and may hold off posting it until I get back.

- AL





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