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We’re being totally serious here…

Having conquered the realms of music and comics, I have now decided to turn my considerable talents toward video podcasting, puppetry, and comic reviews.

God help you all…

Fun Fantasy Weirdness

Tits the Elf Sketch
Never touch an elf’s ear

There’s a long story about this character…which I promise I’ll share one day…and while I wholly realize the name may be off-putting, there’s a method behind the madness, and basically I’ll know anyone who comes up to me offended by it…has never actually read it.


New Page is Up!

A love letter to all the great sci-fi shows Dave Beaty (artist) and I (writer) grew up watching. It has since morphed into something wholly unique and fun, and we’re just getting warmed up on it. Read it for free by hitting the link above.

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Be the best-dressed and most-noticed geek on your block by wearing some of my designs on your body. Do it!

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Is this thing on…?

Studio Fugazi is the brainworm of Al Sparrow. That’d be me. It started out as a front for my independent design consulting work, and has since morphed into an outlet and imprint for my indie comic work (aka Funnybooks). Soon it’ll be focused on my podcast and video work.

I’ve been at this a while. 25 years or more. Generally I enjoy helping people find solutions to problems they weren’t aware they had, or found out about after it was too late. I’ve managed to be gainfully employed for most of my life, which is a blessing I never like to take for granted.

I’ve worked for some amazing companies, most of which did not outlast me (no fault of my own, I assure you), and through them managed to help produce quality work for management icons like Peter Drucker, and organizations like the Project Management Institute.

Artwork by Dave Beaty. Web design and update by A.E. Sparrow.