My usual setup at Phoenix Fan Fusion nee Phoenix Comicon nee Cactus Con.


GI Slang for “Fouled Up, Gone Awry, Zipped In” (there’s a less polite version you can find if you go hunting). Denotes a hopeless situation.


When I started out in design, the majority of my work came from helping people out of Fugazi-like situations. They hired cheap, got cheap, and needed me to come in and clean up what had come before me. The name just kind of showed up. Since then, the studio has morphed into many other endeavors…comics, artwork, and now puppetry…but I still enjoy helping people solve their design problems most of all…

Meet the Team

We don’t actually have a team. It’s pretty much just me and Michele. That said, these guys came with the template, and we don’t want to get rid of them, because honestly…just look at them. They don’t have much else going for them, right?

Barnette Dunleavy


Broke up with a Pisces five years ago and has sworn off humanity ever since…

Laden Hamstrung


Will tell you everything he knows about the Green Lantern Corps whether you want to hear it or not…

Jhari Gordanian


The only person who actually does any work…

We’re firing him on Friday.

Hit the Panic Button

Hit the panic button on the right for inquiries into design services, to order an art commission, or to get a puppet.