Join host Carlton Tetley as he takes a not-so-candid look at comics steamy underbelly in the Not-Quite-Ready-For-PBS docuseries This Got Made. Simply click the link for the show you want to view and then click play. Burns off about .005 calories. We’re all about your health here.


X-Men #1 (Episode One)
Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders (Episode Two)
Spoof #1 (Episode Three)
Iron Man: Crash (Episode Four)


Slash Maraud (Episode A)
RedFox (Episode B)
Tiger Girl (Episode C)
Lords of the Ultra-Realm (Episode D)
The A-Team (Episode E)
Lady Rawhide (Episode F)
Battlestar Galactica (Episode G)
Cells at Work (Episode H)
Archie vs. Sharknado (Episode I)

Samuree: Mistress of the Martial Arts (Episode J)
Valiant Vision #1 (Episode K)
Dream Police (Episode L)
Fun N’ Games (Episode M)


War Front #37 (Episode 1)

Alpha Flight #6 (Episode 2)
Legion of Super-Heroes 268 (Episode 3)
Girls’ Love Stories #100 (Episode 4)
Vampirella: Forbidden Fruit (Episode 5)
Elf Warrior (Episode 6)
Magical Girls Spec-Ops: Asuka (Episode 7)
The Ocelot (Episode 8)
Supergirl 21 (Episode 9)
Lady Cop #1 (Episode 10)
Super Boxers (Episode 11)

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